Working Documents

One of the most important tasks for FVE and UEVH is building up, improving and maintaining links and relationships with the key policy makers in the EU institutions in order to establish and maintain a credibility as a serious player and to influence the decision making process in the EU.

Veterinarians’ Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The rapidly growing world population, combined with the increasing number of people that can afford meat and other products...

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ASF weekly infosheet

EU regionalization measures have been implemented all over the affected countries also in recent months in Belgium, the...

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Raw milk: friend or foe?

FVE is concerned about a growing trend towards the consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk and raw milk-based dairy products...

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Slaughter without stunning causes unnecessary suffering

FVE is of the opinion that from an animal welfare point of view, and out of respect for an animal as a sentient being, the...

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Joint AVMA-FVE-CVMA statement on continuous monitoring of antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance

The development of antimicrobials has contributed enormously to improving the health and welfare of people and animals...

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FVE Brexit negotiation plea

The ongoing Brexit negotiations could have a serious impact on the way how Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Public Health and...

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