Brussels & London, 31 January 2020

The UK is leaving the European Union, but the European veterinary profession remains united. We will continue to work together to ensure that veterinarians in all European countries can give the highest possible standards of care to their patients and continue to look after animal health, animal welfare, public health and the environment, all over Europe, including the UK.

Whilst the fact that the UK has chosen to leave the EU will have implications for animal health and welfare, we are at least reassured that it does so under a Withdrawal Agreement, which should help to mitigate Brexit’s impact upon our profession.

The UK, through the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), will remain a member of FVE. The whole European veterinary community will be united in London, in June 2020, for the FVE General Assembly.

We will stand together, and work together, to assist each other in these challenging and changing times.

President BVA, Daniella Dos Santos
President FVE, Rens van Dobbenburgh
President RCVS, Niall Connell