FVE-AVMA-CVMA: the benefits of animal vaccination programs in advancing animal & human health

2017 – Vaccination (the inoculation of an innocuous or less virulent form of a disease agent to stimulate an animal’s natural immune response against that disease) plays an important role in preventive medicine and will continue to be a mainstay for promoting animal health and reducing the risk of human exposure to zoonotic diseases. Historically, immunization practices and vaccination protocols have contributed to significantly reduce the incidence of many life-threatening diseases; for example, rabies in dogs and rinderpest in cattle. In the latter case, coordinated vaccination programs across multiple countries led to the eradication of this disease in 2011 (OIE).

AVMA, FVE, and CVMA are committed to promoting the value of vaccines in reducing the risk of infectious and zoonotic diseases, developing educational material for use by veterinarians to increase client compliance with appropriate vaccination programs, and collaborating with other health professions to advocate for resources to advance scientific understanding of vaccine pharmacology and immunology.

AVMA-CVMA-FVE_vaccination program benefit