Raw meat diets for pets: an emerging risky practice

Maurizio Ferri has presented at the EFSA Discussion Group on Emerging Risks (November 2023) the public health risks associated with raw meat-based diets for pets.
The same topic has been debated during the last UEVH Gneral Assembly in Brussles.

Generally, an emerging risk is a risk resulting from a newly identified hazard to which a significant exposure may occur, or from an unexpected new or increased significant exposure and/or susceptibility to a known hazard.

Dr. Ferri emphasises how public health risks data of raw feeding increasingly identifies concerns about the transmission of pathogens from feeding raw feed to pets and humans with potential spillover to livestock may occur. He underlines that veterinarians should promote awareness amongst pet owners on the possible risks associated with feeding raw meat (including personal hygiene and proper handling).

Download the presentation HERE
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